Do you have support from the community and forestry experts?

Yes. Among the groups and organizations submitting letters of support and working as partners on the project are Oconee Rivers Audubon Society, the University of Georgia Warnell School of Forestry and Natural Resources, the University of Georgia Cooperative Extension Service, the Georgia Forestry Commission, the Georgia Department of Natural Resources, the United States Forest Service, and a number of Athens-Clarke County staff and organizations, including the county forester, environmental coordinator, Landscape Division, and Oconee Rivers Greenway Commission. We have also received the support and guidance of professional foresters who have served on the Sandy Creek Nature Center, Inc., Board of Directors.

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1. Why create a managed forest at Sandy Creek Nature Center?
2. How much of the nature center will be used for the managed forest?
3. Where will the managed forest be located?
4. Will the managed forest be all pine?
5. What is the history of this part of the property?
6. The land is already forested, why not leave it as is?
7. How will the managed forest address these problems?
8. Won’t letting more sunlight reach the ground create a lot of underbrush?
9. Are controlled burns safe?
10. Is clear-cutting part of the managed forest plan?
11. How are the other sites managed?
12. When does work start?
13. Is clearing and thinning the best way to create the managed forest?
14. How will you keep the Nature Center looking attractive?
15. Will the activity affect any rare or endangered species?
16. What will you do to eradicate invasive species?
17. How will you pay for it?
18. Do you have support from the community and forestry experts?
19. Is there an approval process?
20. How can I learn more?