What is the schedule of a typical birthday party?

Arrive at 10am or 2pm (depending on rental) to begin set up. Bear Hollow staff will greet your group and provide assistance with party set up. They will also present your cake (if applicable). Bear Hollow staff lead a 30 minute animal presentation in the birthday party classroom (if weather permits, it may be done outside). Then, the group will be led on a 30 minute walking zoo tour. You will then have the remaining time to hold your party (games, cake, presents, etc.) in the building. Be sure to allow a few minutes for cleanup of the area (we just ask that you put your trash in the provided receptacles) for your departure at 1pm or 5pm (depending on rental).

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1. When are birthday parties available?
2. What is the difference between a basic and deluxe party?
3. How do I book a birthday party for my child?
4. How do I upgrade from basic to deluxe?
5. How far in advance should I book my party?
6. How early am I allowed to arrive at the party?
7. What is the schedule of a typical birthday party?
8. What if there is inclement weather?
9. How will the room be set up? Am I allowed to decorate the room?
10. How many people can I invite?
11. How can my guests find the birthday party room?
12. What sort of party favors are provided with the Deluxe Party?
13. Am I allowed to bring food/drink?
14. Who makes the cake?
15. How do I go about ordering an additional cake?
16. I would like to bring games/piñata/music. Is that okay?
17. What animals will be available for presentation?
18. Am I allowed to request certain animals?
19. How do I rate my experience?
20. What am I expected to clean when the party is over?