How are applications being evaluated?

The Review Committee will evaluate the applications based on the following criteria:

UNDERSTANDING OF THE PROJECT and proposed technical approach. Assesses whether the contractor has given sufficient evidence of having understood the requirements stated in the scope of work. Technical Approach. Assesses whether the contractor has proposed a solution that is technically feasible and achievable within the constraints of the scope of work.    40 points

PROJECT TEAM Management and Staffing Approach. Assesses contractor’s ability to effectively manage personnel, provide experienced and qualified key personnel and respond rapidly to staffing requirements. Qualifications of Key Personnel. Assesses the ability of the contractor to hire, retain and train qualified technical personnel similar to those required for the task.  20 points

QUALIFICATIONS AND EXPERIENCE of staff assigned to the projects. Experience on Similar Projects. Assesses whether contractor performed satisfactorily on similar projects regarding schedules, turnover rates, meeting costs and success in performing the work. Assess administrative ability to verify and document indigent status of program participants. 40 points

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1. Who can apply?
2. What activities are eligible for funding?
3. How is “indigent” being defined?
4. When is the application due?
5. How should applications be submitted?
6. How are applications being evaluated?
7. How will funding be distributed?
8. When will funding be available?
9. What is the period of time funding will cover?
10. What are the insurance requirements for my organization to receive this funding?
11. Reporting requirements?
12. Who should I contact with questions?
13. My organization is a religious organization. Are we eligible for these local funds?
14. Is financial assistance (rental assistance, utility assistance, mortgage assistance, etc.) an eligible activity?