How does the voting process work in Georgia? What do I actually do during voting?

When you arrive at your precinct (find the proper location on your precinct card or go to, you'll check in with a poll worker by showing photo identification. The poll worker will give you a voter access card and direct you toward the voting booths.

Inside the booth you will find a ballot marking device and a printer. Insert the card into the ballot marking device. Your ballot will appear on the screen. Make selections by following the instructions on the screen and touching next to the candidate of your choice.

When you've followed all the instructions your ballot will print. Remove the card from the ballot marking device. Take the ballot from the printer and review it carefully. Make sure it is correct.

Walk your paper ballot and voter access card to the next station by the exit door. Here you will return the card to a poll worker and insert your paper ballot into the ballot scanner. When the ballot has been scanned the poll worker will offer you an "I VOTED" sticker. Congratulations! You have cast your ballot!

If you have questions or need help, always ask a poll worker. They are there to guide you through the process.

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