Are ACCPD records available to the public?

Yes.  ACCPD records are open for public inspection.  Our Department values transparency and strives to produce all available records in compliance with the Georgia Open Records Act.  However, not all records are subject to being released, and the time necessary for us to produce records may vary depending on the nature of the request and current workloads.  Some records related to ongoing investigations, personal information of individuals, or other sensitive/confidential material are exempt or prohibited from release to the public.  Please note that Georgia Law (O.C.G.A. 50-18-71) permits public agencies up to 90 business days to fulfill open records requests.

You may submit an Open Records Request through our Records Management Unit by delivering a written request in person or by mail at the Athens-Clarke County Police Department, Open Records Officer, 3035 Lexington Road, Athens, GA 30605 or by mail to P.O. Box 1868, Athens, GA 30603.  You may file an Open Records request through our online ACCPD Open Records Center. 

If you have any additional questions concerning open records, please contact us by phone at 762-400-7370.

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