How can community members learn more about the police department?

In a variety of ways!  Please visit our social media pages on Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, and Vimeo, or visit our website at  If you’re interested in applying to become a police officer, we’re hiring! Learn more at Government Jobs.  The Department is on NextDoor where information is shared directly with residents of Athens-Clarke County.  We also welcome community members to join us for in-person chats or virtually for discussions as they become available. In addition, the Department offers tours of our facilities, ride-alongs, and the opportunity for members of the public to attend our Citizen Police Academy. This 10-week program gives the public an overview of the Department through classroom and hands-on instruction from various aspects of police work. Graduates of the course will have a better understanding of the operations of the Department and a greater awareness and appreciation of the challenges and decisions faced by Athens-Clarke County police officers each day.

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1. What is the Athens-Clarke County Pre-Arrest Diversion (PAD) Program? Is it a "get out of jail free" card?
2. What is the process for hiring police officers?
3. What level of training do new officers receive, and what ongoing training is required for all officers?
4. What ACCPD's position on First Amendment demonstrations?
5. How does ACCPD engage with our community?
6. How can community members learn more about the police department?
7. What general resources are available regarding ACCPD's approach to policing, use of force, and accountability?