Does ACCPD release a report on officer uses of force?

Yes.  Pursuant to Directive 6.01.11, ACCPD produces annual reports and compiles annual data concerning use-of-force.  The reports and data are available on our Transparency in Policing page.  Even though each use-of-force incident is individually investigated and reviewed through a standard process, the annual review process is a secondary means of oversight and accountability.   It allows us an opportunity to assess departmental use-of-force activities from a broader perspective and publish this information to the public.  

Often times individual cases involving force are within policy and justified.  However, we recognize that by taking a broader look at our activities we may identify trends, patterns, or areas of concern related to force.  Through this process we learn from our collective experiences and real data to continually improve our policies and practices.  In doing so, our hope is that we can implement changes, when appropriate, to decrease how often officers need to use force and reduce the levels of force used when force is necessary.


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10. Does ACCPD release a report on officer uses of force?
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