Q: What questions should I be asking that would help my family become more efficient recyclers?

A. Follow the recycling rules wherever you are – the rules are not always the same. In fact, city to city, they rarely are the same. You should encourage colleagues, co-workers and friends to do the same. Make sure your neighbor is at least recycling all those cardboard boxes! If you do a pie chart of all the various materials going into American landfills these days, plain old cardboard, non-recyclable paper and food scraps are the only items in the double-digit percentages. Cardboard is super easy to recycle; food scraps and most non-recyclable paper can be composted.
Like most expensive equipment, the recycling facility operates most efficiently at large scale. So the more they recycle, the better. But no cheating! – only recyclable items please.
Many other items can be recycled at our Center for Hard to Recycle Materials (CHaRM). Styrofoam and plastic bags are perfectly recyclable, but not in the regular recycling stream.
Look ‘upstream’ to reduce the amount of scrap you generate in the first place. Buy in bulk, reuse items when you can, and compost what cannot be recycled.

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