What is the purpose of this board? What work will they do?

This group will review, evaluate and make recommendations regarding policies and procedures of the ACCGov Police Department, Probation Services, Sheriff’s Office, and Corrections Department. They will also process and ensure investigation of complaints lodged by members of the public regarding alleged abuse of authority, appropriate action required, abusive language, conduct unbecoming, discrimination, failure to provide identification, false arrest, false imprisonment, harassment, use of excessive force, misconduct, retaliation, serious body injury, violation of department standard operation procedures, and/or death that is alleged to be the result of the actions of a sworn employee of one of the public safety units noted above. 

The group will initially work to prepare a recommendation to the Athens-Clarke County Commission’s Government Operations Committee detailing staffing levels necessary to support this work. More details are available  in the ordinance that established the board.

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1. What is the purpose of this board? What work will they do?
2. How many members will there be? How are they chosen?
3. What training will be provided?
4. Does the board have hiring and firing authority over public safety offices?
5. How often will the board meet? How will the group be supported?
6. Are board members compensated?