Where can I get additional information?

The PUD always welcomes the opportunity to answer your questions regarding the safety and quality of your drinking water.  Please reach out to our Drinking Water Superintendent, William Cottrell, at 706-613-3481 or email William.Cottrell@accgov.com.

Please complete our Report a Water Quality Concern form if you have water quality concerns regarding taste, odor, or color.  

For more information, we recommend the following websites:

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1. What are Total Trihalomethanes (TTHM)?
2. What are the standards for TTHM in my drinking water?
3. What are the results of the TTHM samplings in my local drinking water?
4. What can cause elevated levels of TTHM?
5. What are the possible health risks of TTHM in my water?
6. What actions is the Public Utilities Department taking to reduce the TTHM in our water?
7. Why do we add disinfectant to our water?
8. Where can I get additional information?