What services does the Public Utilities Department provide?

The Public Utilities Department (PUD) provides water delivery and sewer collection services for Athens-Clarke County (ACC).  

Water:  Over 800 miles of water lines deliver high-quality drinking water to 99% of our population.  Other homes and businesses are served by private wells or small water systems.  Our customer service representatives can let you know if your address receives county water. 

Sewer:  PUD's sanitary sewer system serves approximately 75% of the county; the remaining 25% of the population relies on on-site septic systems.  

Recycled Water:  The PUD is committed to the sustainable use of our water resources.  Plans are underway to incorporate purple pipes, the color indicating recycled pipeline, into the infrastructure to provide recycled water to cooling towers and the industrial park.  

Sewer or Septic?

Not sure if your new location is on sewer or has a septic system?  Our customer service representative can let you know if your address is billed for sewer charges.  If you pay a sewer charge on your water bill, you are on a sewer system. If not, you should be on a septic system. To confirm or for questions about your septic system, contact the Clarke County Health Department's Environmental Health Section at 706-583-2658.

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1. What services does the Public Utilities Department provide?
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