How much money will it cost to build?

The total project cost approved by the Mayor and Commission for the project is $76,432,000. $67,130,000 of this budget is reserved for the new judicial center project, with approximately $44 million of that budget going towards construction. $9,212,000 of the budget is planned to go towards the courthouse renovation. Please see the information included in the work session presentation posted at for a further breakdown of the budget.

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1. Why build a new judicial center?
2. Why not renovate the existing courthouse?
3. Will the historic courthouse be demolished?
4. Where will the new judicial center be located?
5. How long will construction of the new judicial center take?
6. What are the benefits to building a new judicial center vs. renovating the existing courthouse?
7. How much money will it cost to build?
8. How can I get involved?