Why a Second Chance Desk?

Record restriction (and sealing) eligibility and the process for applying can be confusing and intimidating for many people. 

Many who would be eligible to restrict and seal their criminal records never do so because they are not aware that remedies are available to them and/or are not sure how to access those remedies. 

 As a result, millions of Georgians face barriers to employment, housing, and other opportunities. This has a negative impact on individuals, families, and on our community. This desk will be able to help people with this often-confusing process of clearing their criminal histories.

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1. What is the ACC Second Chance Desk?
2. Why a Second Chance Desk?
3. What is record restriction?
4. What is record sealing?
5. Can I clean up my Georgia criminal history?
6. What can I do if I apply for a job/housing and am denied based on my record?
7. How do I register for an appointment at the ACC Second Chance Desk?