Where is the office located? What is it near?

We are located at 110 Bray Street, Athens GA 30601 (Use to be the Advantage Behavioral building). We are just past the Department of Labor off of North Ave if heading from Downtown Athens and just before DFACS if heading towards Hull. Turn off of North Ave onto Bray Street. You will see our sign on the right. Please park in the parking area to your right or in the back of the building. Parking in the front of our building is reserved for handicap use only and it is heavily enforced.  

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1. What are the acceptable forms of payment?
2. What time does the office open / close? When do the reports start?
3. Where is the office located? What is it near?
4. How do I make out the money order?
5. What is your mailing address?
6. How do I find a substance abuse evaluator in my area?
7. What time / date / place / duration / cost is the Victim Impact Panel (VIP)? What do I have to take with me?
8. Are you open on holidays?
9. What is your fax number?
10. Are you felony probation? What is that phone number / location?
11. Can a friend / relative bring in my payment?
12. Can I fax in a payment?
13. Can you recommend a DUI school?
14. Do you accept credit or debit cards for payment?