What is the target population of Athens-Clarke County’s Treatment and Accountability Court?
Those with mental illness, including:

Chronically Incarcerated Individuals:
Data from 2010 for the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development show that approximately 21% of the nation's jail inmates have a recent history of a mental health condition. Many individuals experience frequent and routine jail stays for low-level criminal behavior caused by mental health issues that impede their daily functioning. From 2000 to 2008, one such individual spent an average of 223 days per year in the Athens-Clarke County Jail at a cost of approximately $10,000 per year (nearly $80,000 total). While in jail, the individual was only able to receive basic medical care. Today, this individual would be eligible for TAC participation, and would be closely supervised and receive targeted mental health treatment while living in the community.

Individuals with Co-occurring Substance Abuse:
A recent snapshot of a felony drug court indicates that as many as 40% of the participants have a diagnosable mental health condition, although most are not receiving treatment. Further estimates from the National GAINS Center note that as many as 72% of those diagnosed with mental illness also have a co-occurring substance abuse disorder.

Homeless Individuals:
Data from 2010 for HUD show that an estimated 46% of the nation's homeless adult population live with severe mental illness and/or substance abuse disorders. These individuals often experience longstanding housing instability and repeat involvement with the criminal justice system.

Individuals involved with Civil Commitment and Mental Incompetency Proceedings:
Changes in Georgia law now allow the state to release individuals referred to state hospitals for reasons of mental incompetency, provided they meet minimal levels of stabilization. The referring court is held responsible for monitoring such individuals in community-based treatment.

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