What are the cameras at traffic signals for?
Vehicle Detection Cameras– These cameras use video detection technology to detect when a vehicle is approaching a signalized intersection. These cameras are typically mounted on each approach to a signalized intersection and take the place of inductive “loops”.

Inductive “loops”- Are installed to detect vehicles approaching a signalized intersection. A” loop” is wire that is installed in a two inch deep slot that is cut into the asphalt in a rectangle shape which is 6 feet wide by 20 -30 feet long. This “loop” is placed just behind the white line referred to as a “stop bar”. When a vehicle is on top of the “loop” the traffic signal controller will see a change of electrical inductance due to the metal content of the vehicle. If a vehicle comes to a stop past the “stop bar” the traffic signal controller will “NOT” see the presence of a vehicle and the traffic signal will not change. Drivers should always place their vehicle just behind the “stop bar” for proper traffic signal operation.

Please report malfunctioning traffic signals to Traffic Engineering at 706-613-3460.

Answers to Common Questions about these cameras:

• The video on these cameras is not recorded.
• These cameras are not used for photo-enforcement of red-light running.
• Video detection cameras will detect bicycles when stopped behind the STOPBAR (large white stripe located in each lane at every intersection for vehicle stop placement).

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