Why visit the Water Reclamation Facility?
The Cedar Creek Water Reclamation Facility is a fascinating example of how far we have come in the treatment of sewage. New technology incorporating biological and UV treatments allow us to "reclaim" the water from the waste before returning it safely to the environment. Visitors are surprised to discover carbon scrubbers on site that clean the foul odors traditionally associated with sewage. Opportunities to see microorganisms at work are numerous as the "bugs" consume the organic materials in aerobic and anoxic basins. Come see how this new technology has enhanced the field of wastewater treatment.

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1. Why visit the Drinking Water Treatment Plant?
2. Why visit the Water Reclamation Facility?
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18. Where is the JG Beacham Drinking Water Treatment Plant located?
19. Where is the Cedar Creek Water Reclamation Facility located?