Shredded paper-is it not recyclable?

Shredded paper cannot be collected at the curb or at any drop-off sites. It is too small for the single-stream processing facility equipment to sort and the pieces get wet and stick to the glass bottles and/or jars. Shredded paper needs to be handled separately from other recyclables. Shredded documents can be dropped off in paper bags, boxes or clear plastic bags for recycling at the following locations: 

  • ACC Recycling Facility - 699 Hancock Industrial Way
  • CHaRM - 1005 College Ave
  • lower parking lot across the street of ACC Human Resources Office - 375 Satula Avenue

All locations have a large dumpster labeled for shredded paper only. 

Documents for shredding can be dropped off at the CHaRM. Please see the CHaRM website for hours and fees, We store the documents in locked, secure roll carts within the CHaRM. Lindsay Group’s mobile document shredding units come by the CHaRM on a regular basis to destroy the documents and transport them to the recycling facility for proper recycling. There is a charge of $2.00 for each Bankers-size box of documents to be shredded.

Hard Drives can also be dropped off for destruction for $10 each, or can be donated to FREE IT Athens, a local non-profit, who will wipe the hard drive for secure reuse in their refurbishing operations.

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