So what happens to all of the other plans?

They remain in effect and are important to guiding our community’s progress. Existing plans like the Greenway Network Plan and the Workforce Housing Study are guiding documents for the development of the sustainability plan.  Whenever possible, we have cross-referenced back to these plans. Ongoing plans like Envision Athens, the Bike/Pedestrian Master Plan, and the Downtown Health and Safety Study are more broadly referenced in the sustainability plan. We believe the greatest success is likely to be found where these plans have overlapping recommendations that emerge from their different approaches.

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1. What is the sustainability plan?
2. Why has Athens-Clarke created the sustainability plan?
3. How will the sustainability plan be different from other plans?
4. So what happens to all of the other plans?
5. What has happened so far?
6. What will the process look like to complete the plan?