Who is responsible for cleaning?

All of us! 

We are all part of the Athens-Clarke County family, so each person is responsible for cleaning your workspace.  You will also need to coordinate with your coworkers to make sure all common spaces are cleaned and disinfected, as well. 

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1. How often should I clean my workspace or vehicle?
2. Who is responsible for cleaning?
3. My office has a cleaning crew or janitor that cleans the office daily. Do I still need to clean my office?
4. What are the approved cleaning supplies that I should use to clean my office/vehicle?
5. How do I mix chemicals?
6. How do I get additional cleaning supplies and PPE?
7. Are employees required to wear face masks?
8. I do not feel safe at work. How do I file an anonymous complaint?
9. Where can I find all the posters and cleaning reminders?