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Item Pick Up Request Form

  1. Instructions

    Please read through the form before filling it out to make sure you have followed the correct procedure before making an item pickup request. 

    If you have any questions, contact Facilities Management at 706-613-3570.

  2. Before you complete this form, have you sent an email to the "World" offering your item(s) to other ACCGov departments?*

    If no, you must do so before submitting an Item Pick Up Request Form to Facilities Management.

  3. Please select where your item(s) are to be taken:*

    Auction Barn

    • You must receive approval from the Internal Support Administrator prior to items being picked up.

    CHaRM / Teacher Reuse Store


    • You must provide your department/division's four-digit landfill account number. 
    • If you do not know your account number or if you do not have a Solid Waste Landfill account number, first contact the Landfill at 706-613-3508. Note that this is not your MUNIS account number.
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