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Film/Voiceover Talent Consideration Form

  1. General Information
    This form should be used by anyone interested in being considered for use as acting, extra, or voiceover talent in creative projects such as PSAs, short films, or other audio/visual works undertaken by the Athens-Clarke County Public Information Office (PIO).
  2. Notes
    1) Submission of your information does not guarantee that you will be contacted for any projects.
    2) Compensation may or may not be available for each project. You will be told about any compensation in advance.
    3) Prior experience is not necessary.
    4) Projects may happen on an irregular basis.
  3. Uploads
    Upload a headshot if you would like to be considered as talent or as an extra in video projects. Upload a voiceover sample if you would like to be considered for audio/video voiceovers. You can upload one or the other or both.
  4. Photo does not need to be a professional one. The idea is simply to get a sense of your look.
  5. 15- to 30-sec MP3 of speaking or reading. Does not need to be professionally recorded. The idea is to simply get an idea of the sound of your voice.
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