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Solid Waste - General

  1. ACC Solid Waste Department Internship Application Form

    This is an ongoing, general application form for internship applicants with the Athens-Clarke County Solid Waste Department.

  2. ACC Solid Waste Facility Tour Request (Recycling, Landfill + Compost, CHaRM)

    This form is for individuals, schools and/or groups and organizations to request tours of the Recycling Facility, Landfill and/or... More…

  3. Athens-Clarke County Solid Waste Department Glass Bottle Reduction Program Reporting Form

    To participate in the ACC Glass Bottle Reduction Program (SW-023), bars and restaurants with a Class E Retail Beer by the Drink license... More…

  4. Open Creative Reuse Checkout
  5. Solid Waste Hauler / Collections Complaint & Comment Form

    Please complete the following form if you have feedback (positive or negative) regarding private haulers' or ACC Solid Waste... More…

  6. Vulture Festival - Organization Registration

    Please sign up as a participating organization using this form. The Vulture Festival will be held on Saturday October 14th at the... More…

  7. Zero Waste Event - Reuse, Recycle, Compost

    Athens-Clarke County Recycling Division encourages you to make your event Zero Waste! We are glad to supply you with the tools you need... More…

  1. ACC Solid Waste Facility Tour Evaluation

    After taking one of our facility tours, please complete the following form in order to provide us with valuable feedback. This is... More…

  2. Athens-Clarke County Solid Waste Department Commercial Recycling Plan Form

    All businesses, organizations, and multifamily properties within Athens-Clarke County must provide at all times recycling containers to... More…

  3. Landfill Odor Complaint Form
  4. Reuse Store - Binder Request Form
  5. Teacher Reuse Checkout
  6. Waste Minimization Fee Quarterly Reporting Form