Demolition and Relocation Review Applications

Steps in processing a demolition or relocation review application -

1. Exempt structures are locally designated historic properties, manufactured homes and interior-only demolitions.

2. A complete application, including photographs of each affected side of the structure, is submitted to the Planning Department.

3. Applications for structures declared hazardous by the Building Inspector, accessory buildings less than 500 sq. ft. in size, and                     structures located in E-O, E-I and I zones can be processed by Staff without delay.

4. Structures constructed 50 or more years ago or listed on the National Register of Historic Places are subject to review by the Mayor &       Commission.

5. The respective district Commissioner has 25 days to approve the request or to request additional time (up to 90 days past the submittal     date).

6. For a 90-day delay, Staff will post a sign on the property and notify the owners of property within 400 feet. 

7. After the Commissioner has approved the request or the comment period has elapsed without further action by the Mayor &                      Commission, then the application will be approved and a demolition permit application may be filed with Building Inspections.

Below are applications currently subject to a 90-day review:

530 W. Rutherford - Expires 12/27