Lillie Perkins

Sheriff's Office
Title: Field Section Commander
Phone: 706-613-3250
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2021 Captain Lillie Perkins, Filed Services

Captain Lillie Perkins

Captain Lillie Perkins is a native of Washington, Georgia (Wilkes County). She Graduated from the Washington Wilkes Comprehensive High School. She is a mother and grandmother. She comes from a strong religious and family background. Before coming to the Clarke County Sheriff’s Office, Captain Perkins worked in the textile industry. Captain Perkins is firm and direct, but always fair. Her 27yrs of service with the Clarke County Sheriff’s Office have earned her respect by many who have worked with her. On her off days, she enjoys traveling, music and dance.

Captain Lillie Perkins began her law enforcement career with the Clarke County Sheriff’s Office on October 10, 1993 as Deputy (Jail Division). November 1993 she attended and completed basic mandate training to become a certified Deputy. Captain Perkins trained in all areas of the jail before she was assigned to the Field division in 1998, working Court House Security. Captain Perkins primary responsibilities were to ensure the safety and security of the Clarke County Courthouse for all who entered to include the Judges of Superior, State, Magistrate, Municipal, Juvenile and Probate Courts.  In 1999, she was assigned to Courtroom Security in Magistrate Court where she worked for several Magistrate Court Judges. In January 2000, Captain Perkins received a promotion to Corporal where she completed her certification as a Field Training Officer and assisted in the training of newly appointed staff. She obtained specialized training in Court Service and Courtroom security. Captain Perkins completed Supervision Training Courses provided by Athens Clarke County Government. Captain Perkins obtained her Flying While Armed certification and served as an Extradition officer (traveling out of state to pick up prisoners). Captain Perkins also served on the Recruiting team for the Clarke County Sheriff Office. In 2012, she was assigned to the Warrant Desk (Field Division). Her primary responsibilities were processing felony and misdemeanor warrants, civil process papers (such as Protective Orders, Civil Summons, Subpoenas, Dispossessory Actions, Fifa’s and Restraining Orders), and entering them on GCIC. This assignment also required that she communicate with the CCSO warrant deputies and other agencies to provide civil and warrant information. In 2013, Captain Perkins served as SOR Officer assigned to the Sex Offender Registry where she and was responsible for drafting the sex offender registry policies. Additional duties with this assignment included managing registered sex offender living and working in Athens-Clarke County, being a Certified TAC. Doing Record Restriction and Property Seizure for the DA’s office and assisting with the CCSO audits. October 11, 2015, Captain Perkins received a promotion to Sergeant as an assistant jail shift commander. Her supervisory responsibilities included managing staff, inmates, and public relations to ensure a safe and orderly run jail. In April 04, 2019, Captain Perkins was promoted to Lieutenant until her present promotion to Captain in the Sheriff’s Office warrant section.


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