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1. What is the WaterSmart Software Program?
2. How do I register or log into my WaterSmart Account?
3. What if I forget my WaterSmart Account password?
4. Can I manage multiple WaterSmart Accounts?
5. Can I add someone else to my WaterSmart Account?
6. How can I customize my WaterSmart Account profile?
7. Is my water usage data in real-time?
8. How do I know if I have a leak?
9. Can I adjust my leak alert notifications?
10. Why am I not getting a daily use notification anymore?
11. How am I being compared to other households?
12. How is the number of occupants per household estimated?
13. How are Efficient and Average water use calculated?
14. Can I pay my bill online through my WaterSmart Account?
15. May I see my WaterSmart Account in Spanish?