Sustainability Office


The Sustainability Office works as a steward of public resources by promoting innovative practices and policies to reduce the Unified Government’s environmental footprint, grow the local economy, and foster a thriving community by networking staff, ideas, and resources across departments and throughout the community to achieve outcomes supported by a long-term sustainability plan.

The Sustainability Office aims to achieve strategic innovation through the collection and analysis of information, piloting of new practices, and development of long-term collaborative efforts. This will also involve land management of Unified Government green space, ecological planning and project management, and education as it pertains to Unified Government green space and ecology.

Recent Projects in ACC

  1. 100% Clean and Renewable Campaign Launch
  2. GOSP Grant Award
  3. Pilgrim Pride: Community Enhancement
  4. Legacy Forest Project
  5. Cedar Creek Water Reclamation Facility

The Office of Sustainability is pleased to announce the launch of the 100% Clean and  Renewable Planning and Community Engagement phase. As a continuation of the 100% Resolution that was signed late 2019, the goal of this phase is to set up a Community Advisory Board (CAB), obtain important community input, and build the pathway and map for Clean and Renewable Energy for ACC. 

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