Vulture Festival 2023

 Join us for the 10th Annual Athens Vulture Festival! Saturday, October 14th!

The ACC Vulture Festival is a celebration of "nature's clean-up crew," the vulture! Vultures are key to a healthy ecosystem. Just like the Solid Waste Department, they help keep the environment safe and clean by picking up the "leftovers." Vultures are often under-appreciated or even cast as the villain or outcast in cartoons and stories. Every year, during this week, we shine a spotlight on this amazing creature, which includes a wide variety of species from all over the world. We also shine a spotlight on our landfill property, which serves to do more than just bury your trash - we strive for waste reduction in all that we do, including composting organics such as food scraps, leaf & limb, and biosolids, as well as recycling materials and reclaiming landfill gasses to convert into electricity. Join us this week for a series of educational and fun activities, programming, and community!


Saturday, October 14th from 8 AM - 12 PM (see schedule below)


 ACC Landfill Outdoor Classroom, 5700 Lexington Rd. Winterville, GA

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