Project 9: Oconee Rivers Greenway Network Connectors

Initial Project Statement

The Oconee Rivers Greenway Network Connectors project expands the existing greenway network with corridors and connectors along the North Oconee River to promote non-vehicular transportation and recreation pathways. The ACCGOV Greenway Network Plan helps guide the development of the greenway master plan which enables bicycle and pedestrian facilities ways while also creating conservation zones and wildlife corridors.      

The Oconee Rivers Greenway Network Connectors Project is also a collaboration with TSPLOST 2018 Project 5.


SPLOST 2011 Project Monthly Update

Key Project Statistics

  • Designer: Varies by Sub-Project
  • Contractor: Varies by Sub-Project
  • Program Manager: Jacobs Engineering
  • Original SPLOST Budget: $6,000,000
  • Sponsor: Leisure Services
  • Current Budget: $6,763,000
  • Total Cost to Date: $6,384,145
  • Completion Date:  TBD

*as of 7/27/2020