Right of Way Mowing & Landscape

Providing for Rights of Way

The Right-of-Way Cost Center provides mowing and related vegetation maintenance services along approximately 700 miles of Athens-Clarke County streets and roadsides. During the summer, more effort goes toward mowing; in winter, more effort goes toward brush and tree side trimming. Mowing serves to maintain a safe zone adjacent to the road pavement, improves drainage of storm water from the road surface, and creates an attractive vista along road corridors. Tree limb and brush side trimming maintains clear sight lines for traffic signs and signals and safe vision distances at intersections.

Generally, urban-type streets are serviced every four weeks, and rural roads are serviced every ten weeks. Litter is picked up ahead of mowing operations. Other associated services include detention pond maintenance, storm damage clean-up, bridge and culvert clearance pruning, street tree planting and maintenance, and other support services for the Transportation and Public Works Department.