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Tree Management Plan
Notice of Timber Harvest
Variance to Community Tree Management Ordinance
Forest Management Activity Waiver
Milledge Avenue Tree Preservation Removal
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Administrative Waiver for Tree Conservation


Tree Management Plan: Refer to the Trees & Development page for more information about tree management plans.

A completed Timber Harvest Application is required prior to removal of 5 or more trees from a property, unless the property is one acre or smaller within a single-family residential zone*. A completed site plan showing existing tree canopy, tree canopy to be removed and tree canopy to remain must be submitted with application materials. Contact the County Arborist in the Planning Department (706-613-3515) with questions about submission requirements, or about tree removal.

*Note that any tree removed from the Milledge Avenue Tree Preservation Area must receive a zoning permit prior to removal.

Variance to Community Tree Management Ordinance: Variances to the Community Tree Management ordinance are heard by the Athens-Clarke County Hearings Board. Variances may be granted where practical difficulties, unnecessary hardships, and results inconsistent with the intent of the ordinance exist. Visit the Hearings Board page for more information about submittal requirements, application deadlines, and fees.

Forest Management Activity Waiver: Forest Management Activities Waivers are heard by the Athens-Clarke County Hearings Board. Waivers may be granted on properties with a 5 year development limitation if the property owner demonstrates that special constraints on the site required the removal of standing timber for the proposed use, that the removal was the minimum necessary, and that the proposed development will meet the minimum tree conservation requirements.

Milledge Avenue Corridor Special District Overlay Tree Removal: Trees within the front yard of properties along Milledge Avenue between the intersection with West Broad Street and the intersection with South Lumpkin Street are considered protected trees. Trees within this area require the issuance of a Zoning Permit and a Certificate of Appropriateness prior to removal. Contact the ACC Arborist (706-613-3515) for more information about conditions associated with this permit and possible mitigation requirements.

Administrative Waiver for Tree Conservation: An applicant may request in writing an administrative waiver from all or part of the tree conservation requirement prior to the submittal of a site plan, preliminary plat, or building permit, however, existing trees must be conserved to the greatest extent possible. Refer to section 8-7-15(f) and (g) for more information.

See also: ACC Tree Species List and the Resources for Designers