Stormwater Steward Award

Each year, the Athens-Clarke County Stormwater Management Program presents the Stormwater Steward Award to an organization, business, individual, or community group that has gone above and beyond to reduce the impact of stormwater runoff on our waters through a specific project, practice, or event. A list of past stormwater steward winners can be found here.

Congratulations to the 2020 Stormwater Steward Award Winner(s): McLane Company and Armentrout, Matheny, Thurmond P.C.

Stormwater Steward Pocket Wetland
Green Life Awards Stormwater Steward
Pocket wetland plan sheet
The Athens-Clarke County Stormwater Management Program recognizes McLane Company and Armentrout, Matheny, Thurmond P.C. (or AMT for short) for their pocket wetland that was designed and installed over at McLane.

Pocket wetlands are constructed marsh lands meant to control stormwater volume while treating water quality. Back in 2017, McLane Company was required to install Stormwater practices when they decided to expand a parking lot. Due to very large volumes of runoff coming from the property, as well as offsite runoff from Old Hull Road and Athena Drive, traditional treatment methods were not feasible at this location. A pocket wetland was chosen as the best solution, and once it was designed by AMT and installed later on, it was the first of its kind here in Athens.

As you can see in the photo above, the wetland is a beautiful example of green infrastructure that helps improves water quality. Multiple pollutant removal mechanisms are at work in the wetland, including uptake by vegetation and algae, filtering and gravitational settling, along with chemical and biological decomposition. Pollutants such as sediment, phosphorus, nitrogen, metals, and bacteria are treated at this practice. Outside of water quality benefits, the wetland also has significant aesthetic appeal - plantings include white water lilies, spatterdock cow lilies, southern water grass, cattails, switchgrass, blackeyed susan, and joe pye. We were thrilled to feature a photo of it in our 2020 Stormwater Calendar – so for those of you who have a copy of the calendar, keep an eye out in September!

This project is an outstanding example of innovative and intentional site design, and we are so glad McLane Company chose to implement a green infrastructure practice like this on their grounds. According to ACC Stormwater GIS Analyst Kyle Dalton, “the pocket wetland project was a perfect example of seamlessly incorporating Stormwater management into the existing landscape – they simply enhanced what was there in an efficient and beautiful way.” Congratulations to McLane Company and AMT for their excellent work in stormwater management!