Past Stormwater Steward Winners

2022 - Design Category

The Village at Oak Grove and Woodfield for implementing effective runoff reduction best management practices such as the integration of bio-retention and porous brick paver systems into parking areas and tree islands.

2021 - Design Category

target green roof

Green Roof on top of Target in Downtown Athens, designed by Smith Planning Group and grown by James Greenhouses

2020 - Design Category

Stormwater Steward Pocket Wetland

Stormwater Pocket Wetland designed by Armentrout, Matheny, Thurmond P.C. and installed at McLane Company

2019 - Organization Category


Alice H. Richards Children's Garden at the State Botanical Garden of Georgia, designed by Koons Environmental Design and the University of Georgia Office of University Architects for Facilities Planning

2018 - Business & Design Categories

2018 Stormwater Stewards

New Urban Forestry for their design and installation of a residential stormwater project at Homestead Dr.

Athens' Walmart Neighborhood Market and DGC Environmental Services for the installation and maintenance of numerous stormwater facilities that encourage natural infiltration and water quality treatment

2015 - Individual & Business Categories

J Crowley Stormwater Steward 2015

John F. Crowley, PhD for his residential Green Infrastructure including cisterns, permeable surfaces, terraces, and detention basin

J's Bottle Shop and Sam's Food Mart for their rain garden and pervious parking lot, designed by Smith Planning Group

2012 - Individual Category

2012 stormwater steward

Greg Denzin of G&G Landscape Design for the Nowhere Road Stormwater Runoff Project

2009 - Design Category

2009 stormwater steward breedlove planning

Matthew Tanner of Breedlove Land Planning, Inc. for the St. James United Methodist Church

2006 - Design Category

2006 stormwater steward

Robinson, Fisher, Koons Inc. for the combined detention/filtration system at Firehall 4 Animal Hospital

2017 - Design & Organization Categories

Athens Orthopedic After Shot

Green Infrastructure Project at Athens Orthopedic Clinic Imaging Center, designed by Smith Planning Group

Watershed UGA for their important impact on the health of ACC watersheds, particularly those on UGA's campus

2014 - Individual, Organization, and Community Involvement Categories

UOWN Stormwater Steward 2014

Manita & OC Dean for their home rain garden project

Upper Oconee Watershed Network for their citizen science water quality monitoring and outreach

John Atkins and Kristi Sego of the ACC Master Naturalist Program for their rain garden project at the UGA Cooperative Extension Office

2011 - Individual Category

2011 stormwater steward

Greg Denzin of G&G Landscape Design for the Hall Street Residential Rain Garden Harvest

2008 - Design Category

2008 stormwater steward uga school of art

University of Georgia Office of University Architects for the UGA Performing and Visual Arts Center

2005 - Design Category

2005 Stormwater Steward

Williams and Associates Land Planners P.C. for innovative stormwater management practices at the Arches at Mitchell Street

2016 - Individual & Business Categories

2016 Stormwater Steward Individual 3

Gwyneth Moody and Daniel Peiken for their beautiful residential rain garden and bioswale in the front yard

Bojangles' restaurant and Kimley-Horn and Associates for installing a stormwater treatment train and bioretention area in the back of Bojangles' property

2013 - Individual & Business Categories

Evelyn Wenk Stormwater Steward 2013

Evelyn Wenk for her Hill Street rain garden project

Breedlove Land Planning, Inc. for their work done at the UGA Special Collections Library

2010 - Individual Category

Margie Noonan 2010 Stormwater Steward

Margie Noonan for the Neighborhood Down the Drain Creek Restoration Master Plan

2007 - Design Category

Stormwater Steward Award Winner 2007

FARMCO Athens, Inc. for the Jose Iza building project at 314 Commerce Boulevard