World of Wonder (WOW) Park

The impressive new World of Wonder (WOW) Park playground includes ten slides featuring a three-story Slide Tower which is the park’s tallest element.  The new play area also includes a Biba Activated Playground (augmented reality gameplay experience), climbing rock wall, a two story Dynamo Apollo Spinner and a rope web climber.  The swing areas include standard swings, as well as co-ride parent/child generational swings, swings for individuals with mobility impairment, and park bench swings for parents.

Additionally, visitors to the park will find some shaded playground equipment, a central plaza with abundant seating, two lawn play areas, and a 1/5 mile concrete walking loop.

An ADA ramp provides access to all elevated features in the 2-5 year old area.  Additionally, there is also ADA access to the two level Dynamo Apollo Spinner and two transfer platforms in the 5-12 year old area.

The WOW Park is the largest play area in the Leisure Services park system. The equipment is designed for agility, balance, imagination, motion, tactile/sensory experience, social engagement, and upper body strength.  It offers a variety of play experiences, both passive and active and is located near a wooded passive play area, as well.

This project is part of a SPLOST 2011 project for Leisure Services. Office of Park Planning staff worked closely with citizens and SPLOST staff to bring this project to fruition. This project creates a safe atmosphere for people of all generations to learn, create, and play, and will be enjoyed for years to come.

For more information, please call 706-613-3991.

The playground is located at 325 Whit Davis Rd and is open Monday-Friday at 8:00 a.m.; Saturday-Sunday at 9:00 a.m. and closes at sunset.

Parking Restrictions:

Roadside parking restrictions are now in place on Whit Davis Road adjacent to Southeast Clarke Park’s World of Wonder (WOW) Park and dog parks. The restrictions are due to dangerous situations that have been created for vehicles and pedestrians in the area, particularly children, caused by park visitors parking vehicles along Whit Davis Road. 

Athens-Clarke County’s Traffic Engineering Division has installed “no parking” signs along Whit Davis Road in this area to remind drivers of the restrictions. The parking restrictions will be enforced by Athens-Clarke County Police, who may ticket and tow vehicles that are parked on the side of the road.

The overwhelming popularity of the new WOW Park and the adjacent dog parks has led to periodic parking shortages on the Whit Davis Road side of Southeast Clarke Park during popular times. In the event that the Whit Davis parking area is full, additional parking is available on the Lexington Road side of Southeast Clarke Park. Park visitors can access the WOW Park through a short nature trail that connects the two sides of the park. 

Park patrons are encouraged to use the Lexington Road parking and trail connection at Southeast Clarke Park, bike or walk to the park, visit the WOW Park or dog parks during less popular times of the week, or visit one of the other Leisure Services’ playgrounds or dog parks.