Applications & Forms

Certificate of Appropriateness Application
Certificate of Appropriateness is required for exterior changes to locally designated landmarks and historic district properties. These exterior changes include building material alterations, additions, new construction, and site features such as new driveways, fences, or retaining walls. Use the same application for staff-reviewed and Historic Preservation Commission-reviewed projects.

Conceptual Preliminary Design Review
For new construction projects or major renovations and additions to historic landmarks or within historic districts, applicants may elect to present preliminary conceptual plans to the Historic Preservation Commission for review comments prior to applying for a Certificate of Appropriateness. Use the Conceptual Preliminary Design Review form for these types of conceptual reviews.

Tax Assessment Freeze Application
In April 11, 1990, the governor of Georgia signed into effect a Local Option Act for a property tax deferment program for historic resources designated under an approved local ordinance and listed either by the state register or the National Register of Historic Places. This incentive program does not require rehabilitation. The ordinance making this option available in Athens, Georgia, was signed in January 1995.

Historic Preservation Commission Schedule
Schedule of meetings and application deadlines for the Athens-Clarke County Historic Preservation Commission.