Firefly Trail

Firefly Trail 1-Mile Segment Now Open

The first phase of this project established an improved surface trail for pedestrian and non-motorized vehicles along the historic Georgia Railroad corridor between East Broad Street and the intersection of Old Winterville Road and Little Oak Street. The project included the installation of two new bridges, including a 500-foot bridge over the North Oconee River.

Trail Entrances

  • East Broad Street, just below The Mark between Hickory Street Extension and Pottery Street
  • Dudley Park, in the center of the park on its highest point
  • Poplar Street, between Branch Street and Oak Street, up the ramps
  • Inglewood Avenue, between Oak Street and Little Oak Street
  • Old Winterville Road at Little Oak Street

Upcoming Expansions

For more on upcoming expansions into Winterville and the Athens-Clarke County line, visit the Park Planning Firefly Trail Expansion webpage.

Project Information
The Firefly Trail is a planned 39-mile rail-trail from Athens to Union Point in Northeast Georgia, connecting Athens-Clarke, Oglethorpe, and Greene Counties. The historic rail line, known as the Athens Branch of the Georgia Railroad, branched off the still-active Augusta-to-Atlanta line in Union Point and passed through the towns of Woodville, Maxeys, Stephens, Crawford, Arnoldsville and Winterville on its way to Athens.

The trail will allow for pedestrian and bicyclist alike to further participate in activities within Athens-Clarke County without being within close motor vehicle proximity. The project will include three bridges along the trail corridor with educational and informational signage.

Funding for the first phase came from SPLOST 2005 Project #29 page.

For more information on the full 39-mile planned Firefly Trail, visit the Firefly Trail, Inc. website.

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