Career Development & Training

Officer Training

Lieutenant Ben Dickerson currently works in this unit to coordinate basic and advanced training for the police department. This includes training for new recruits as well as experienced officers. The CDTU oversees the eight-week New Officer Basic Course and the 15-week Police Training Officer Program for new personnel after they complete the 10-week Georgia Police Academy.

Mission Statement

Our agency mission is to form partnerships with law abiding persons which result in every neighborhood being safer as residents enjoy a higher quality of life.

Our agency vision is to eliminate rime, the fear of crime, and general disorder in our communities. The Career Development and Training Unit exists to support the Department in achieving this mission and vision. The Career Development and Training Unit supports this mission and vision at ACCPD by providing relevant training that prepares personnel to safely, effectively, and ethically serve the people of Athens and our visitors. Officers in training ethically fulfill their responsibility to the people of Athens and the ACCPD in part by earnestly dedicating their time and energy to mastering the knowledge and skills required for this profession.

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