Sub-Project 1: Runway 9-27

Project Details

Sub-Project #1 consists of the design and construction of a full depth reclamation of the portion of the asphalt on Runway 9-27 that was not a part of the recent runway extension project.  The project will replace the existing medium intensity runway lights with high intensity runway lights, increase the turn radius of the runway/taxiway intersections and install new runway end indicator lights. This sub-project has been completed.

Project Updates

The contractors have completed all of the paving that is to be done on the project. They have dressed up the sides of the runway and laying down sod. The runway has been temporarily marked/painted. The lighting contractors have installed all of the runway lights and signs. The runway has been opened. The runway has been grooved and the final markings have been installed. Only minor portions of the project remain such as relocating an antenna and some drainage work. Final completion was reached in August 2019.

Key Project Statistics

  • Designer: Holt Consulting Company
  • Contractor: C W Matthews Contracting Company
  • Program Manager: Jacobs Engineering
  • Original SPLOST Budget: $579,000
  • Grants or other funding: $10,773,000
  • Total Cost: $11,352,000
  • Completion Date: August 2019
Aerial view of airport runway