Recycling Ordinances and Policies

A government that accepts high responsibility for recycling and waste reduction shows that it values not only the environment but its resources, residents and community. Athens-Clarke County is a leader in the state of Georgia for its waste reduction efforts and part of that comes from strong leadership which sets it as a priority. By enacting ordinances and policies centered on waste reduction, Athens-Clarke County demonstrates that it is forward-thinking and preparing for the future of our community.

Governmental Buildings

Policy SW-021 requires that all Athens-Clarke County governmental buildings and facilities must offer recycling.

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Event Recycling and Composting in Public Spaces

Policy SW-021 requires events in public spaces to offer recycling and in some cases composting. 

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Commercial Recycling Ordinance

Sec. 5-2-14 (i) requires that all businesses in Athens-Clarke County must recycle.

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Glass Bottle Reduction Incentive

In an effort to reduce safety hazards downtown, bars and restaurants in the Central Business District can switch from bottles to cans and/or draft and save up to 500%on their beer license fee.

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