Governmental Buildings (Policy SW-021)

A government recycling program demonstrates environmental concern, personal responsibility, community action and responsible solid waste management practices. Government recycling programs not only impact waste produced by government offices but sets an example for the surrounding community. In FY08, Mayor and Commission passed a recycling policy requiring all ACC buildings and facilities to recycle (Policy SW- 021).

Requirements under Policy SW-021

  • Individual departments are responsible for providing recycling to the staff, customers and visitors to their facilities.
  • Individual departments are offered the opportunity to compost within the department.
  • Each department with largeoutdoor facilities must provide adequate outdoor recycling containers for the generalpublic. 
  • Each department will have a representative from each facility as the point ofcontact (Material Management Coordinator) with the Solid Waste Department. TheMaterial Management Coordinator responsibilities include the following:
    1.  Attendance at quarterly material management coordinatormeeting.
    2. Education and promotion of programs and/or procedurechanges.
    3. Coordination of special events hosted by the Solid WasteDepartment.
    4. Compilation of recycling data as necessary.
    5.  Miscellaneous troubleshooting.
  • Information regarding the SW-004 TargetedMaterial List, Hard to Recycle Materials and Compostable Materials shall beincluded in Athens-Clarke County Unified Government new employeeorientations as provided by the Solid Waste Department.