What will I receive with my absentee ballot?

Voters who have requested an absentee ballot by mail will receive a package with four things inside:

  1. Absentee Ballot
  2. Instructions for filling out and returning the ballot
  3. "Official Absentee Ballot" paper sleeve
  4. Return envelope

Due to the number of Absentee Ballots requested statewide, the Georgia Secretary of State’s Office is including a "Official Absentee Ballot" paper sleeve instead of an envelope labeled "Official Absentee Ballot" as used in previous Absentee Ballot packages. This will allow for quicker processing of ballots due to staff not having to open two separate envelopes for every mailed ballot.

There is no official Absentee Ballot return envelope. However, there is an official Absentee Ballot sleeve.

Although the instructions in the Absentee Ballot package mention an envelope, voters should instead use the ballot paper sleeve. The Elections Office will accept ballots that do not include the privacy paper sleeve.

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