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KACCB Green School Grant Application


  1. 1. Step One
  2. 2. Step Two
  3. 3. Step Three
  • Step One

    1. Instructions
      Keep Athens Clarke County Beautiful is giving grants to Athens Clarke County Green Schools and schools currently applying for Green School Status. There are three tiers of grants. The board will award ten $50 grants for classroom materials and small projects, ten $200 grants for larger green school activities, and three $500 grants. A total of $4.000 in grants will be awarded each year. Grants are for the support of Green School activities. Preference will be given to grants for materials that can be reused for multiple years or classes and the support of outdoor classrooms. However, all Green School activities will be eligible for support. Special consideration will also be given to proposals from applicants that have not received funding before. Please use this proposal form for Clarke County Environmental Education funding requests. Funds may not be used to cover salaries, consulting fees, or indirect administrative costs.
    2. Part I: Applicant Information
    3. A number (not the school phone) at which you can be reached.
    4. Please list the names and emails of teachers and staff that will be involved in the project with you.
    5. Part II: Grant Requirements
    6. Is your school currently enrolled in the ACC Green School Program?
    7. Have you received a KACCB grant in the past?
    8. Reporting Requirement*
      I agree to submit a green school lesson(s) describing the project or lessons that this grant funds.