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Home Water Assessment Request

  1. Request for a Home Water Assessment
    Schedule a visit with a Water Conservation Specialist to look for opportunities to increase water efficiency in your home. We can: 1) check toilets and other plumbing fixtures for leaks*, 2) provide free water-saving devices, brochures, and information to help reduce water use, 3) help locate water meter and explain how to view the read, and 4) make recommendations.
  2. Preferred Appointment Time
  3. Please provide three (3) suggested dates for a visit. Our small team will do our best to accommodate your preference.
  4. Have you registered for your free WaterSmart account?
  5. Thank you for your interest in a home water assessment.
    *Our Water Conservation Specialists are not licensed plumbers. We cannot make repairs, determine water pressure, or substitute for a visit from a plumber when needed. For questions about home water assessment visits, please call 706-613-3729.
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