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How Does Your Garden H2GrOw?

  1. How Does Your Garden H2GrOw?
    Did you install an H2GrOw garden to create a water-efficient landscape at your home? We would love to see the results of your labor. Please share a photo of your installation.
  2. Are you an ACC water customer?*
  3. May we share your photos on social media, our website, and publications?*
  4. May we include your name when sharing images of your garden?*
  5. Which H2GrOw garden did you install?*
    Please submit photos from different garden design using separate forms.
  6. Share with us your thoughts on the H2GrOw garden. What did you like? What would you like to see added to future H2GrOw programs?
  7. Thank you!
    We appreciate your time to both install and share photos of your H2GrOw garden. We hope you have continued growth and water savings.
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