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Request for Water/Sewer Connection Fee Waiver for Affordable Housing Development

  1. Request for Water/Sewer Connection Fee Wavier for Affordable Housing Development

    The Athens-Clarke County (ACC) Public Utilities Department (PUD) accepts requests to waive water and sewer connections for qualified affordable housing development projects.  The request is processed by PUD and presented to the ACC Mayor & Commission for review.  ACC Mayor & Commission determine eligibility and must grant approval before a notice to proceed is issued.

  2. Are you an existing affordable housing partner with Athens-Clarke County?*
  3. Type of Connection for Wavier Request*
  4. I understand the ACC Public Utilities Department does not determine eligibility or grant approval of requested water & sewer connection fee waivers. ACC Mayor and Commission makes final determinations.*
  5. I understand a minimum of 60 (sixty) days is required before a notice to proceed is issued.
  6. Thank you

    We appreciate your efforts to provide safe, stable housing that in turn gives back to our Athens community.

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