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ACC Solid Waste Services Commercial Curbside Application for Downtown Athens Only

  1. Solid Waste logo
  2. Solid Waste Services Commercial Curbside Application (Downtown Only)
    For businesses and residential apartments located within the downtown central business district
  3. Location Address
  4. Mailing Address
  5. Multiple Units?*
  6. How Often Do You Want Your Garbage Collected?*

    Note: Businesses serving lunch and dinner are REQUIRED to have a MINIMUM SERVICE LEVEL of 2A

    COLLECTION FOR BOTH PAPER AND BOTTLE AND CAN RECYCLING will be the same as garbage collection days and hours.
  8. ***PLEASE NOTE:
    In addition to the monthly service fee noted above, you are required to purchase authorized bags, endorsed by the Solid Waste Department, in which to place your garbage for pickup. These bags cost $1.50 each and are sold in bundles of 20 at the following locations:

    • ACC Solid Waste Department (725 Hancock Industrial Way)
    • ACC Water Business Office (124 E. Hancock Avenue)
    • ADDA Parking Services (287 College Avenue)

    The fee of $1.50 per bag covers the cost of the bag and disposal of your garbage at the landfill.
  9. Application Agreement
    By my signature below, I hereby declare that I am an official representative of the business or other entity named above and that I am legally authorized to conduct business for said business or other entity; that the base level of service (number of daily or weekly collections) selected herein is in accordance with the requirements of Section 5-2-11 of the Code of Athens-Clarke County for the type and nature of business or other activity for which I am hereby contracting to have solid waste collected; that I understand the base fee will be due and payable for each month said business or other entity is in operation at the address herein indicated, regardless of the amount of solid waste collected therefrom; that all solid waste produced by said business or other entity will be collected by the Athens-Clarke County Solid Waste Department. Additionally, if I have chosen Curbside Collection that in addition to payment of the monthly base fee, all solid waste generated by said business or other entity, with the exception of materials to be recycled, will only be placed in official Athens-Clarke County garbage bags for curbside collection.
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