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Commercial Recycling Program Evaluation

  1. Commercial Recycling Program Evaluation
    Your business/organization completed your Commercial Recycling compliance over this past year. Please complete this evaluation to help us improve this program for future applicants. Your feedback will also inform us of how we can better assist you and your business/organization's waste reduction efforts.
  2. Getting Complaint
    Please rate the following in reference to completing your compliance with the Commercial Recycling Ordinance:
  3. Promotion of the requirements of the Commercial Recycling Ordinance
  4. Explanation of the requirements of the Commercial Recycling Ordinance
  5. Process to complete online form
  6. Process to verify compliance
  7. How did you find out about the Commercial Recycling Ordinance?
    Please select all that apply.
  8. Commercial Recycling Specialist
    Please rate the following based on the Commercial Recycling Specialist, Denise Plemmons:
  9. Communication
  10. Assistance
  11. Denise Plemmons
    Denise Plemmons
    Commercial Recycling Specialist
  12. Professionalism
  13. Response Time
  14. Expertise
  15. Overall experience
  16. Your Recycling Program
    Please reflect on your recycling program at your business/organization.
  17. Were you recycling before you knew about the Commercial Recycling Ordinance?
  18. How would you rate the current participation of your recycling program?
  19. How much has the Commercial Recycling Program improved your recycling?
    Consider any education, stickers, flyers and bins you may have received.
  20. Do you need additional assistance to improve your recycling program?
  21. Thank you for your participation!
    Feel free to remain anonymous but we would love to know who you are!
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