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Stormwater Billing - Change of Ownership Form

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  2. Athens-Clarke County Stormwater Utility - Change of Ownership Form
    Please complete this form if you have recently sold a property in Athens-Clarke County, no longer own your property due to foreclosure or bankruptcy, or have received a stormwater utility bill for a property that you no longer own.
  3. Things to Know
    Property Transfer: If you have recently sold a property, the closing attorneys have 90 days to file the new deed on the property. With the deed filing, they will file a property transfer form that will notify Athens-Clarke County Stormwater and the Tax Assessor's office of the new owner and date of closure.
  4. Foreclosure/Bankruptcy: If your home has been foreclosed on or you have relinquished your home due to bankruptcy, the bank must file the deed transferring it into their name before your Stormwater Account can be stopped. You are responsible for the Stormwater account until the deed is filed. Athens-Clarke County Stormwater can NOT contact your bank for you.
  5. Lease to Own: If you are in a lease-to-own agreement with someone and the deed is not changing until they have paid for the property in full, the Stormwater Utility bill will remain in your name until the deed changes and you will be responsible for the bill. You do not need to complete this form until the property is transferred.
  6. This is a different account number than your water bill.
  7. Your phone number will be used to contact you if additional information is needed.
  8. Your account will be prorated to the date of closure, and your final bill will be generated once our office receives noticed that the new deed has been filed.
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