ACC from A to Z

The 2019 revised and updated edition of the Athens-Clarke County Public Information Office's ACC from A to Z: A Guide to the Athens-Clarke County Unified Government and Community Services is now available to the public. The guide contains contact information and descriptions for over 700 entries related to government programs and services, as well as community organizations. 

Arranged alphabetically by subject, the guide has been produced for over a decade by the Public Information Office based largely on the kinds of questions that the office regularly receives by phone, email, or social media. Information in the guide is reviewed and revised annually for accuracy.

Along with the A to Z subject listings, the guide also includes:

  • contact information for local, state, and federal elected officials who represent Athens-Clarke County;
  • Athens-Clarke County By the Numbers, a summary of demographic, historical, and financial data about the community and the Unified Government;
  • an organizational overview of the Athens-Clarke County Unified Government;
  • a Commission district map;
  • a visual guide of recyclable materials accepted by the Athens-Clarke County Solid Waste Department;
  • a general outdoor water use schedule;
  • a broadcast schedule for ACTV Cable Channel 180 (Charter) / 6 (University Cablevision) and Mayor and Commission meetings;
  • a list of common government acronyms;
  • important contact numbers;
  • selected ordinances; and
  • a leaf and limb collection zone map.

The 2019 guide is available in several versions, including:

  • a printed booklet;
  • an online PDF document;
  • a Kindle eBook version for tablets and mobile devices; and
  • an ePub eBook version for tablets and mobile devices.

Limited quantities of the printed version of the ACC from A to Z Guide are available through the Public Information Office in City Hall at 301 College Avenue, Suite 102 or in downtown publication racks located in front of the Post Office on East Hancock Street, outside of City Hall on College Avenue, at the corner of College Avenue and East Broad Street, and in front of the Courthouse on West Washington Street. Printed versions are also available at some Unified Government facilities, as well as at some special events, meetings, and activities. Electronic versions of the guide in several formats are available at

The cover for the 2019 edition of the ACC from A to Z Guide features scanned artwork of the City Hall dome created by local embroidery artist Rachel Winters specifically for the guide. Winters was born in Wales and lived in Vancouver, Canada before meeting her American husband in Italy and moving to the United States in 2006. She has been sewing for over 12 years and taught herself the art of embroidery. More of Winter's work can be seen on Instagram or Etsy at floraembroideryga.

The cover artwork is the third in the annual Athens Artist Cover Series versions of the ACC from A to Z Guide to showcase a different local artist's interpretation of City Hall in their respective media. Covers for previous editions were created by watercolor artist Jamie Calkin and mosiac artist Randy Sanders of Corazon Mosiacs.

For more information, contact the Athens-Clarke County Public Information Office at 706-613-3795 or

Print formats:

Limited quantities of the ACC from A to Z guide are available at:

  • City Hall (Outside Suite 102,on the table outside of the Commission Chambers on 2nd floor, and in the Public Information Office)
  • Publication racks in downtown Athens
    • Outside of City Hall on College Avenue
    • Outside of the Post Office on East Hancock Street
    • Outside of the Courthouse on East Washington Street
    • At the corner of College Avenue and East Broad Street (outside Chick-Fil-A)
  • At some Athens-Clarke County government facilities, meetings, and special events