Estate & Guardianship Records

Unbound Documents

The estate records are the unbound documents filed with the Probate Court. These papers were filed by administrators and executors to document the settling of the estates of deceased persons, by relatives or friends of incapacitated adults seeking guardianship, by heirs or beneficiaries seeking accounting, or by other persons seeking miscellaneous types of relief available in probate court. In the courthouse the papers are arranged in alphabetical order by surname in file folders. An alphabetical link is provided below for you to search by surname.

The most commonly found documents are petitions to probate wills or to be appointed administrator of intestate estates, administrator's bonds, inventories and appraisements of estates, and sale bills. Also included in some cases are:

  • Guardians bonds
  • Letters of administration, letters testamentary, or letters of guardianship
  • Petitions for and orders of dismissal or discharge
  • Orders to sell lands
  • Petitions for award and returns of widow's support
  • Probated wills (copies only)
  • Receipts taken by an administrator or executor when making payments
  • Miscellaneous petitions and orders


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